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Would you like to make a one off or monthly donation?

Please make donations to:

Account Name: TUF

Account Number: 12 3449 0204656 50

"Special thanks to those making donations. 


I promise that you made no mistake in making such decision. Donations to this foundation will help me and many young girls that are less privileged to achieve our dreams.


My dream is to become a lawyer, to fight for women's rights. The abuse of women and young girls in Sierra Leone is deplorable and I would like to effect change on that.  I hope to be a motivator to other young girls and will promote girl child education and help put an end to early marriage in Sierra Leone.



My thanks and appreciation has no bound. I am warmly happy for all your donations to me, my family and for securing my future through The Umu Foundation.  


On behalf of my family, I say thank you for all you great endeavour. 


Plenty thanks Umu"

with Burmese student Fighters

Any donation you make towards The Umu Foundation, will go towards a better life for Umu and more girls like her.

( We are in the process of applying for charitable status in NZ )

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